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R3 PacVot Hoodie PAK [DoubleHood]

R3 PacVot Hoodie PAK [DoubleHood]

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The R3 PacVot is a versatile hoodie that is created from an upcycled Uniqulo Bubble down hoodie. It has been designed with the buyer in mind, offering multiple functionality and the ability to convert into a compact PAK that can easily be tucked away with a  removable hood for a double hood feature. This hoodie is a part of ThreadHaus' mental health collection, which aims to turn symptoms into superpowers. The front of the hoodie features the word "impulsive" in the center, while the side sleeve reads "create" and the other sleeve indicates "ADHD". The back of the hoodie references the character of PacVot, who is a part of ThreadHaus' ADHD InnOvoT collection.


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