Thread Haus creates a sustainable 
multi-purpose, multifunctional ecosystem
upcycling fashion! 

We share a vision to

be a vertically-integrated

manufacturing component

created for the people by the people!


This is a new kind of sustainable fashion system that can create value for people, the planet, and profit. Our system will also promote greater product satisfaction through better quality and longer-lasting products. It will promote well-being and happiness through less materialistic consumption, e.g. by offering experiences through sharing, swapping, lending, updating, or do-it-yourself fashion. 

Our idea of sustainability is woven into the DNA of Thread Haus and our goal is to use our business to launch our incubator program to help us establish a home where we can continue to educate and grow our community around sustainability and upcycling.  We are creating a 360 Economy that will create more revenue streams and jobs in the upcycling community and establish greater skill sets and continue to merge communities.