Elevate Your Wardrobe, Transform Lives: Manny Jackson's Threadhaus Unveils A_DresstheWorld – Seamlessly Blending Digital Art and Sustainable Fashion. Join the Movement, Spark a Conversation on Mental Health. Purchase Exclusive Digital Art for a Purpose, Unlock Access to Limited Edition Physical Merchandise. Wear the Change, Be the Change.

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Signature CrewCrown

Embrace the timeless allure of Crew Crowns, a Thread Haus signature piece that pays homage to the regalness of crowns while infusing a mix of cultures and the classic briimless style.

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  • Digital Assets

    The Digital InnoVoT asset represents legendary artist, musicians and creatives that may be borderline genius but also experience mental illness and its camouflaged through their artistry.

  • Phygital Hoodies

    The Phygital Hoodies highlight the symptoms of the diagnosis as well as the InnoVoT character and ties in the idea of Symptom to Super Power. The phygital hoodie can be purchased digitally as well as the physical hoodie. The phygital hoodie has several aspects of technology and innovation that provide direct references to the entire project.

  • Podcast

    Pace Yourself Not Race Yourself Podcast

    Is the Podcast Mixtape created by Manny Jackson and Lynz Floren to discuss the personal journey navigating mental health as well accessing various resources and connecting with others navigating their own mental health journey.

Featured Wearable R3 Collection

Physical Vs Phygital (NFC EQUIPPED)

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