Collection: Thread Haus ADHD Reversible Hoodies NFT

Thread Haus Reversible Hoodies

is a collaborative blank between Thread Haus Project

supported by Washed Los Angeles 

The Hoodies are made from dead stock french terry laying around and also defected

or imperfect end usage goods that was donated to Thread Haus Project

The Hoodies are designed to still level up or usage of Sustainable Solutions

Representing the characteristics of ADHD with our Digital Brand Ambassador 

Each Hoodie is Reversible and reflects the diagnosis symptom treatment and superpower 

The Hoodies are printed by one of our co-op printer companies that is apart of the Thread Haus Incubator program 

The process of printing is direct to garment printing process or (DTG) 

The hoodies will come equipped with a QR Code that will reference the resources that we are putting together for this collection to assist with ADHD Awareness