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R3 Hussle VoT Hoodie w/ Orange puff

R3 Hussle VoT Hoodie w/ Orange puff

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This R3 design was the original sample for the Hussle VoT Hoodie, a product created by expert designer Mannny Jackson. As a part of the mental health awareness project, this piece was upcycled using an orange puffer jacket donated by Homeboy Threads. The hoodie can be worn as a reversible piece and can also be converted into a Pak for convenient travel. By wearing this hoodie, you can embrace the mental health project's message of turning your symptoms into superpowers this  reference is to ADHD. The symptom is represented on the sleeve while the superpower is displayed on the chest, with the words "impulsive" and "resilient" Dare to be brave  and unique and cozy 



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