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R3 Reform Denim Jacket HomeboyThreads x ThreadHaus (2 color)

R3 Reform Denim Jacket HomeboyThreads x ThreadHaus (2 color)

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🌟 Introducing the R3 Reform Jacket: “ Where Recycling Meets Retribution: Empowering Redemption Through Sustainable Fashion”

🌱 Crafted from upcycled denim and materials from LA County Detention Center uniforms, each R3 Reform Jacket embodies our commitment to sustainability and community empowerment.

💼 Partnering with Homeboy Industries and La Sanitation and CalPsc, we’re transforming lives by offering job opportunities and skills training to ex-convicts, gang members, and felons. Your purchase supports this mission, empowering individuals to build brighter futures.

💥 Preorder now available! Each jacket is handcrafted from donated denim scraps and detention center uniforms, turning waste into wearable art. Equipped with a QR Code and NFC chip, share the inspiring story behind this initiative.

🧥 Versatile and functional, the R3 Reform Jacket features a reversible design with our signature red zipper closure, adjustable for a tailored fit, and converts into a bag for ultimate sustainability.

💰 Don’t miss the special preorder price of $320 (original $560)! Invest in our community through the ThreadHaus incubator program, creating meaningful opportunities.

🌍 Join us in A_DresstheWorld and redefine fashion with purpose. Preorder now and wear your values proudly! #R3Reform #SustainableFashion #CommunityEmpowerment #A_DresstheWorld 🌟

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