Collection: R3 CrewCap OG

Our R3 series was created from our Caps 4 Cause initiative R3 stands for Recycle Repurpose Reprogram... Our goal with R3 was to create caps from various fabric swatches from old collections, old clothes, donated apparel, damaged goods, house and kitchen items and whatever else we want to cut up .. Our caps 4 cause was created to support cancer survivors and alopecia patients providing a cool alternative vs those ugly cancer caps .. Our caps were designed in mind with keeping heads cool and protected .. Some of our R3 caps are created and assembled from various Thread Haus team members such as our seamstresses and other designers and is approved by head designer. Each R3 Cap is original design meaning a 1:1 and had its own uniqueness. so it can always vary .. Soon we will allow our customers and supporters to create and customize there own R3 crewcaps.. staytuned