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R3 CrewCap Sport [Sarah Savanah]

R3 CrewCap Sport [Sarah Savanah]

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 This R3 CrewCap Sport was upcycled from old blue jeans , a pillow case, a dark denim pant a yellow denim swatch, polka dot button-up, a tribal print woven from a previous Thread Haus Collection...Sarah Savanah was constructed in Los Angeles, CA by a local seamstress.. All pieces from R3 Series may come slightly different from whats photographed if some pieces are tattered, stain, bleached or whatever its apart of the story of Sarah Savanah

Sarah Savanah is ready to hit the town bringing so much life and upbeat joy 

You are not just buying a  cap you are purchasing a story..Sarah Savanah will be available in 3 Locations 1st Come 1st Served ..Stay tuned to the next

R3 Story


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